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Hurriflame Vortex Flame Technology OutDoozie has once again innovated and created a new and improved gel burner - with an enhanced flame for a more enjoyable outdoor tabletop fire experience. The new Hurriflame design uses OutDoozie' s popular single use gel fuel cans. The enhanced flame is created by our proprietary air guide system- which causes the air flow to create the vortex flame inside the glass tube. Bring the most to your outdoor living space with the Beautiful Hurriflame gel burner. Hurriflame uses vortex technology for an enhanced flame. All Hurriflames are handcrafted of ceramic with a rich reactive glaze and have a 9" borosilicate glass tube. Sequoia Leaf is handcrafted from Enduralast material. The exquisite Hurriflame Gel Burner uses clean and convenient Fire Accent solid fuel gel to create glowing ambiance in any outdoor setting. Use multiple Hurriflame gel burners to enhance your outdoor living space. Each Gel Burner includes a metal snuffer for easy extinguishing and a metal ring to securely hold Fire Accent Solid Gel. Fire Accent Solid Gel is not included and is sold separately.