Crown Pet Convertible Pet Yard & Gate

Brand: Crown Pet Products

Product Code: Pet-Yard

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The versatile Crown Convertible Pet Yard & Gate can be used as a wall-mounted Pet Gate, (with the included wall-mount brackets), or as a freestanding Play Pen. Decorative and functional, the Bronze colored, durable powder-coated all metal construction is chew-proof, will last for years and compliment every décor.
The walk-thru doorway allows you to easily pass through the gate, which also locks at both the top and bottom to securely keep your pet confined. Rubber pads on the bottom prevent scratching your floor. Each panel is 27 inches wide and the space between the bars is 2 ¼ inches wide.
As a freestanding pet play yard, it can be configured into a hexagon, a rectangle or almost any shape you desire. One of the larger Pet Play Yards available on the market today, it encloses up to 13 square feet and with the optional 2 panel extension, it increases the size from 13 square feet to 24 square feet. It is easy to move from one area to another, therefore, you can contain your Pup in a safe, designated area without it feeling confined. Measuring 32 inches tall, it makes the perfect choice for puppies and large dogs alike.