AR Vault- Biometric

Brand: GunVault

Product Code: 296691

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GunVault presents a secure biometric-activated AR storage safe that allows rapid access to your rifle when you need it. This safe is designed specifically for the AR platform with a delta ring and has predrilled holes to be mounted onto a wall. This AR biometric safe covers the lower receiver of the AR leaving parts of the rifle exposed but unable to be fired without unlocking and removing the safe.

This safe uses a No-Eyes keypad with fingerprint recognition technology with a self-learning algorithm for speedy identification and a low false reject rate. This biometric safe includes a tamper resistant door that is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.


- Tamper-resistant door
- Patented No-Eyes Keypad
- Precisely fitted for standard AR-style rifles
- Predrilled holes for wall mounting
- Patented No-Eyes Keypad available in both digital and biometric
- Mounts discreetly in most closets for quick access
- AR must have a tube type collapsible stock to be compatible


- Fits: Standard AR-15 pattern rifle with a Delta Ring forearm attachment
- Mountable: Yes
- Protective Foam Liner: Yes
- Spring Loaded Door: No
- Audio Low Battery Warning: Yes
- LED Low Battery Warning: Yes
- Interior Courtesy Light: No
- Motion Detector With Audio Alarm: No
- Tamper Indicator: Yes
- Computer Block Access After Repeated Invalid Entries: Yes
- Security Cable Included: No
- Backup Override Key: Yes
- 1,500 Lb Security Cable Usable: No
- External AC Power Supply: No
- Battery Type & Quantity: 1 9V
- Batteries Included: No
- California DOJ Approved: No
- Exterior Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 4"
- Weight: 10 lbs
- Color: Black