Perfect Chair Manual Base

Brand: Human Touch

Product Code: HMT-PC-420-100-004/PC-PAD-900-013

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The human body is naturally balanced, graceful and beautiful--just like the new Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 LiVE with many classical modern design cues, premium upholstery and overall therapeutic comfort inspired by NASA's zero-gravity research originally developed to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit. With the LiVE padset, you get Memory Foam and Jade Heat Kits standard with the PC 420 LiVE. Human Touch's vision was to create a chair so extraordinary, it deserves to be called the Perfect Chair. We tend to agree! The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 Classic Manual Plus uses a manual recline lever allowing you to position your recline angle and leg elevation independently into infinite comfort positions. Human Touch's zero-gravity chairs are the best in the industry and are endorsed by physicians as the "healthiest way to sit." Many chiropractors even have these chairs in their offices in order to perform their adjustments. With elongated head pillow, extended armrests, ergonomic lumbar support and infinite design choices in finish and upholstery, it's easy to see why this chair has set the standard. The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420 features a full support head pillow that cradles the head and neck while providing ergonomic relaxation. The PC Live is equipped with far-infrared Jade Heating Stones to soothe your tired, aching muscles. Jade stones radiate far-infrared rays that deliver healing warmth up to three inches deep into your muscle tissue helping to reduce inflammation, relieve joint and muscle pain, improve circulation and speed up cellular recovery. We happen to think it just feels good especially when regrouping from a long day.